Before we get started, firstly let me extend a massive congratulations to you! You’re going to have a baby. But, now that the realisation has kicked in and you’re over the initial shock, excitement and disbelief, are you wondering about the foods you’ll be eating over the next nine months and the best way to navigate your way through a plant based pregnancy?

A healthy well balanced diet may help in reducing many of the pregnancy symptoms we suffer from such as nausea, heartburn, leg cramps and constipation. I have always been conscious about not creating a website that puts too much emphasis on the foods that you shouldn’t be eating during pregnancy – as I think you’ll agree that once pregnant we get hit with a barrage of advice and are constantly reminded about all the foods we shouldn’t be eating, many of which are sadly misguided. However many are standard practice and pregnancy certainly isn’t the time to be taking risks.

The Pregnancy Pantry is about a celebration of healthy plant based goodness, nutritional advice and guidance which includes a wide range of free downloads, recipes, and articles to ensure you’re meeting your nutritional quota from the lead up to pregnancy and throughout each trimester. As a Certified Vegan Nutritionist I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

Plant Powered Pregnancy Nutrition

What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is the process of consuming, absorbing and using nutrients for growth, development and maintenance of life. We we talk about proper nutrition, we’re talking about the food we eat and how the body use that food for health and survival. This is what nutrition is all about. Eating whole foods is so much better for our health than eating processed foods. Having a balanced in take of different foods is key to optimum health and a healthy pregnancy

Plant Powered Pregnancy Nutrition

What are Nutrients?

Food provides us with a range of different nutrients. Some of which provide energy, whilst others provide us with the essentials for growth and maintenance. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are the macronutrients that we need in large quantities and are the building blocks for not only ourselves but those of our baby during pregnancy. A balanced diet contains five key nutrient groups which are crucial for better health. Lacking in these during pregnancy and in particular during a plant based pregnancy leaves us open to deficiencies and can have a lasting negative effect on our health.

Plant Powered Pregnancy Nutrition

Whole Food Nutrition?

I’m a huge advocate for whole food nutrition. Whole foods are the edible parts of food that are as close to their natural state as possible and prepared in a way that retains enough nutritional value to be supportive of health. Simply put, if you can pick it up and eat it in it’s natural form its a whole food. The benefit of a plant based diet is that it’s packed full of whole foods – nuts, seeds, legumes, wholegrains, vegetables and fruit.

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Plant Powered Pregnancy Nutrition

The crucial points to consider for a plant based pregnancy.

During pregnancy it’s essential to ensure we’re getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Learn about the best ways to ensure you follow a healthy plant based pregnancy.

Plant Powered Pregnancy Nutrition

Delicious Smoothies for a healthy pregnancy

Looking for some serious inspiration, check out these delicious and nourishing smoothies to kick start your day. Click here for smoothies

Plant Powered Pregnancy Nutrition

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Plant Powered Pregnancy Nutrition

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Common opinion of a plant based pregnancy

Needs a serious overhaul. No doubt you’ve heard about all the foods to be avoiding – friends, doctors and family members will undoubtedly have offered their well meaning advice and opinions and for those recently new to a plant based lifestyle you may well be wondering how to to dodge the inevitable question of “Now that you’re Pregnant – where are you going to get your main source of iron and protein from if you don’t eat meat”?

Unfortunately, that question just loves to do the rounds, so you may struggle to avoid it. HOWEVER, let’s get a few things straight before we go on, plant based eating focuses on eating foods that are primarily plant based, which includes not only fruits and vegetables, but nuts, seeds, pulses, legumes, wholegrains and beans. It doesn’t mean that you’re vegan or vegetarian and that you don’t eat dairy. So whilst this site offers up a ton of information and support on safely following a vegan pregnancy – its main goal and purpose is to introduce you to the benefits of including more plant based foods into your lifestyle.

The good news however for the vegans out there is that 2020 was in fact the year that everyone of the top UK supermarkets offered up their own vegan range and every one of the top UK restaurants and food-to-go outlets changed their menus to include at least one vegan or plant based offering. If you’re looking at ways to ensure you can safely follow and navigate your way through a plant based pregnancy – click for more info here

” Go vegetable heavy, reverse the psychology of your plate by making meat the side dish and vegetables the main course”

Bobby Flay

Times are definitely changing and working in our favour

Statistics show that vegans and vegetarians are set to make up a quarter of the British population in 2025 with just under half of all UK consumers following a flexitarian lifestyle.

With so many options available and an ever changing world now catering for more and more of us following a plant based lifestyle, it is definitely possible to manoeuvre your way through pregnancy and still maintain a plant based diet. Nonetheless adequate nutrition during pregnancy is the most crucial factor for development and the effect of a vegan lifestyle on pregnancy can be more serious.

It is therefore of the upmost importance that we plan properly.

To help you confidently follow a plant based pregnancy

I’ve put together a little vegan vitamin sheet available to download to today – simply print it off and stick to your fridge and voila. Despite the health benefits of eating a vegan diet, sometimes it’s not automatically healthy.  There are multiple benefits to cutting meat and dairy out of the diet and too many benefits to even mention when including healthier plant-based foods into the equation.  However, it’s not just about cutting out the meat products but ensuring we include a wide range of healthy foods too. 

Plant Powered Pregnancy Nutrition

Hey everyone, I’m Vanessa and a Certified Vegan Nutritionist

Becoming a mother forced me to massively assess my diet and lifestyle, and to ask myself what message I wanted to convey to my children when it came to the foods I was eating. Read my full story here and discover the reason I decided to give up meat, and the benefits I discovered along the way.