Hey Mama! Welcome to The Pregnancy Pantry

Hey Mama! Welcome to The Pregnancy Pantry

Firstly, before I get started let me extend a massive congratulations to you! You’re going to have a baby.

However, now the realisation may have kicked in and you’re over the initial excitement, shock and disbelief, are you now wondering about the foods you’ll be eating over the next nine months?

No doubt you’ve heard

About all the foods to be avoiding, friends, doctors and family members will undoubtedly have offered their well meaning advice and opinions and for those recently new to a plant based lifestyle you may well be wondering how to to dodge the inevitable question of “Now that you’re Pregnant – where are you going to get your main source of iron and protein from if you don’t eat meat”?

Unfortunately, this is one question we hear a lot. However, the good news is that 2020 was in fact the year that everyone of the top UK supermarkets offered up their own vegan range and every one of the top UK restaurants and food -to-go outlets changed their menus to include at least one vegan or plant based offering.

Statistics show that vegans and vegetarians are set to make up a quarter of the British population in 2025 with just under half of all UK consumers following a flexitarian lifestyle. With so many options available and an ever changing world now catering for more and more of us following a plant based lifestyle then yes, it is possible to manoeuvre your way through pregnancy and still maintain a plant based diet.

Adequate nutrition during pregnancy is the most crucial factor for development and the effect of a vegan lifestyle on pregnancy can be more serious. It is therefore of the upmost importance that we plan properly.

Thankfully The Pregnancy Pantry is about a celebration of healthy plant based goodness, nutritional advice, hints and tips, guidance and a whole range of free downloads to ensure we’re meeting our nutritional quota from the lead up to pregnancy and throughout each trimester and as a Certified Vegan Nutritionist I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

A healthy well balanced diet may help in reducing many of the pregnancy symptoms we suffer with – from nausea, heartburn, leg cramps and constipation. The recipes on The Pregnancy Pantry are all free of refined sugars and many of them will help relieve some of the unfortunate symptoms of pregnancy.

Pregnancy changes the nutrient requirements of a woman.

In particular, our needs of specific micro-nutrients increase to a large extent.  It is important for a us to meet these increased requirements to support a healthy pregnancy and the development of the child, long term. Whilst pregnancy isn’t a time to be messing around with our diet or making any sudden changes, for those already following a plant based lifestyle, or those that are new to veganism or a vegetarian diet – this website is for you.

Ensuring that we maintain a healthy lifestyle and optimum nutrition during pregnancy is fundamental in the development and growth of our baby and supporting our body throughout the next nine months. So let’s put the kettle on, get ourselves comfy and take a look around.

Here’s to a Happy Healthy Pregnancy.