Hey Mama! Welcome to The Pregnancy Pantry

So, you’ve just discovered you’re pregnant

Well firstly before we get started let me extend a massive congratulations to you! You’re going to have a baby (EEEEK)!!!

However, now the realisation may have kicked in and you’re over the initial excitement, shock and disbelief, are you now wondering about the foods you’ll be eating over the next nine months? If you’re anything like me and have a huge appreciation for delicious home-cooked food, you’re going to absolutely love the tasty, healthy recipes you’ll discover on this site.

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You’ll discover Smoothies, Vegetarian and Vegan dishes, Gluten Free and Dairy Free plans, as well as a selection of refined sugar free treats to get you through the day, plus some handy tips and low glycemic treats if you’ve recently discovered you’re suffering with Gestational Diabetes.

You’ve no doubt heard about all the foods you should be avoiding, friends, doctors and family members will undoubtedly have offered their well meaning advice and opinions – Stay away from alcohol, avoid soft cheese, reduce your caffeine intake and don’t frequent sushi bars! Sounds familiar right?

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The good news is The Pregnancy Pantry isn’t about restrictions or avoidance, instead it’s about a celebration of good food packed full of nutrients and goodness which tastes amazing too.  However, without wanting to sound too much like your mother – the above advice still stands, well everything that is except for soft cheeses and sushi bars – but we’ll get to that bit later on

the pregnancy pantry

Why you’ll love this site

A healthy well balanced diet may help in reducing many of the pregnancy symptoms we suffer with – from nausea, heartburn, leg cramps and constipation. The recipes you’ll find on here are all free of refined sugars and many of them will help relieve some of the unfortunate symptoms of pregnancy. You’ll find tasty healthy options and downloads for the following:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Refined Sugar Free
  • Low GI foods for Gestational Diabetes
selection of vegetarian foods

Vegan and Vegetarian Pregnancy

The chances are that as you’re pregnant you’re hopefully already eating a healthy range of different foods, and following a vegetarian or vegan diet during pregnancy doesn’t need to be a challenge. You’ll be able to get all the nutrients that both you and your baby need by ensuring you include an abundance of fruit and vegetables.

Surviving Gestational Diabetes and still eating chocolate

Thankfully for the majority of women who fall pregnant they will sail through pregnancy without any issues and the topic of Gestational Diabetes won’t need to be discussed in much depth. However, for the 3-5% of women that do go on to develop it; it can be a daunting  and often disheartening realisation.

Dairy Free Recipes

Drink your milk, it’ll give you strong bones…

Remember when your mum use to tell you that you need to drink your milk everyday to get strong bones and teeth? Yep my mum still does it now and I’m almost 40, once a mum always a mum hey.

Minerals are inorganic substances that are crucial to the balanced functioning of our body. They help build bone, skin, tissue and teeth. Calcium is just one of 20 essential minerals that our body needs and is crucial in the development and growth of your baby’s bones and to help maintain the health of yours throughout pregnancy too.

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Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Everyone is different when it comes to pregnancy and no two pregnancies are ever the same and this applies to the early symptoms of pregnancy as well.

pregnancy woman standing in field

The Pitfalls of a summer pregnancy

The hot weather is not everyone’s friend and never more so than when you’re expecting. When pregnant our core body temperature rises, which is due to a combination of those pesky pregnancy hormones and increased blood flow pumping through our bodies.

Delicious Smoothies and juices for a healthy pregnancy

Juicing and creating smoothies is one of the best ways to get vital nutrients into your body, especially if you struggle to get your five a day or you’re struggling with nausea and morning sickness.   By juicing your vegetables raw or creating smoothies every day you’ll ensure both you and your baby receive a huge dose of goodness while making you feel amazing at the same time, both inside and out.

Pregnant lady

Keeping the Balance

It’s all about the Balance, right? Isn’t that what we’re all striving to achieve?

woman breastfeeding her baby

When Breastfeeding doesn’t go to Plan

Nothing evokes more emotion; whether that be joy, love, anger, guilt or disappointment than the subject of breastfeeding and because its World Breast Feeding Week I wanted to write a post on a subject that resonates so much with me and my path into motherhood.

Gluten Free Recipes

Fabulous Gluten-Free recipes ideas

Discover your love of cooking again with delicious healthy and gluten free dinners such as Miso Salmon with Courgette Noodles, Chicken Orange and Walnut Salad and my absolute favourite – Slow Cooked Chicken Fajitas.  Plus treat yourself for breakfast with Raspberry Protein Smoothie Bowls and my incredible Green Glow Breakfast Smoothie to kick start the day.


I hope by now…

That you’ve established pregnancy isn’t the time to be messing around with your diet or deciding to restrict any major food groups, but I’m hoping that what we can agree on is that maintenance is crucial!! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and ensuring optimum nutrition throughout pregnancy is fundamental for the development and growth of your baby and supporting your body throughout the next nine months and I hope you love the recipes as much as I do. So put the kettle on, get comfy and take a look around.

Here’s to a Happy Healthy Pregnancy.

The Ultimate Immunity Resource Guide

Most of us have a general idea of what our immune system is, but not so much what our immune system is comprised of, which can make it difficult to maintain our body’s ability to stay healthy.

Your immune system is your body’s defence system to fight bacteria and germs that can make you sick or worse,cause disease. When it comes to staying healthy, or shortening an illness, having a strong immune system is important.

In this comprehensive 20 page guide

You’ll find

The Importance of Immunity

  • Best foods to eat for OPTIMUM Immunity
  • Supplements and Vitamins for a strong Immunity
  • Ways to get around being vegetarian and vegan and maintaining sufficient nutrition

Yes – Please this is just what I need

21 Delicious Smoothie Recipe e-Book GIVEAWAY

As a special  thanks for being here, I’m giving away my latest Smoothie Recipe e-Book packed full of delicious healthy smoothie ideas.   

With this fabulous book you’ll no longer struggle for inspiration in creating colourful, tasty and unbelievably healthy smoothies again. If you love smoothies – pregnant or not, this is a download MUST. I love smoothies – yes please.

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