Smoothies & Juices

Smoothies & Juices

Juicing and creating smoothies

is one of the best ways to get vital nutrients into your body, especially if you struggle to get your five a day or you’re struggling with nausea and morning sickness.   By juicing your vegetables raw or creating smoothies every day you’ll ensure both you and your baby receive a huge dose of goodness while making you feel amazing at the same time, both inside and out.  Juicing your fruits and vegetables preserves those vital enzymes which are often diminished during the cooking stages.

During Pregnancy

it is always important to ensure all vegetables and fruits are thoroughly washed and scrubbed to eliminate any toxins.

Ginger in your juice is perfect. I especially love Carrot, Orange and Ginger and the benefits of Ginger are huge. In fact its been reported that ginger has shown a success rate of 75 percent in curing morning sickness and stomach flu.  It also contains some of the most potent anti-inflammatory fighting substances and is a natural painkiller. 

Plus Cucumber, Lime and Kale is a great way to boost your folate intake and dark leafy greens  added to your juices will boost your iron intake too. However it is also very important to add that in no way should juicing be a meal replacement during pregnancy. It’s okay to do an occasional juice cleanse for a few days when you’re not pregnant but the reason for a juice cleanse is to eliminate all toxins in your bloodstream and having done a few cleanses myself; its exhausting and extremely demanding on your body.  It’s not to be taken lightly and your unborn baby will not benefit from this in any way so ensure your juices are used in conjunction with your healthy diet and ensure you get all those healthy vitamins you need from a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Lastly remember if you’re not going to drink your juices or smoothies straight away, be sure to store them in an air tight container to preserve the goodness. Although to be honest, nothing beats the taste of drinking your smoothies and juices when they’re freshly made.

Raspberry and Ginger Ale

Raspberry and Ginger Ale

This refreshing tasty drink is the perfect mock-tail for when you’re with friends and family for the holidays and everyone but you is enjoying the bubbly. Raspberries offer a good supply of Vitamin C and are rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium. They’re an excellent addition if you need to cleanse your digestive tract.

Good times ladies!

Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Raw cacao beans contain powerful antioxidant compounds with an abundance of health benefits. They contain flavanoids; a chemical compound that supports general health and can help to reduce your risk of many diseases.

Smoothie Gallery

Carrot and Ginger Tonic

A wonderful tonic if you’re suffering from morning sickness. Carrots are unbelievably high in vitamin A as well as containing folate, B1,B3 and B6. This is an excellent tonic and rejuvenates and stimulates the digestive system.


Best Milk Boosting Smoothies

These pack a little more punch in the sense that they contain some special ingredients to boost your milk supply.

Green Smoothie

Mean Green Turbo Charge

This is the Perfect Tonic if you’re suffering constipation, heartburn, high blood pressure and struggling with sleep.

High Fibre Berry Smoothie

High Fibre Berry Smoothie

Mixed berries have an abundance of fibre to help the digestive system and Greek Yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt as it’s made by straining the whey out which leaves this amazing delicious creamy consistency.

Pina Colada

Pineapple, Coconut & Turmeric Smoothie

For just a split second I thought this may be it. So, with the sunshine filling my world with happiness I knew exactly what I’d be making  for Tuesdays smoothie – Pina Coladas!! Pineapples – as well as tasting delicious also offer some amazing health benefits too. They contain an enzyme called Bromelain which aids in the digestion of protein and is perfect to give your sluggish system a kick start. want to check if your pineapple is ready to eat? A ripe pineapple will let you pull the leaf off the top easily. If that comes away easy, you’re good to go.

Smoothie Recipes

Green Hydrating Smoothie

The perfect smoothie when you need to hydrate during the warmer months. Packed full of goodness.

Cranberry Smoothie

Cranberries are the superfood of the berry. An amazing source of Vitamin A, B Complex, folate and Vitamin C. They’re a natural diuretic and urinary tract cleanser. They can increase the acidity in our urine, helping to get rid of the bad bacteria.

Smoothie Recipes

Creamy Mango and Mint Smoothie

Can’t get over that colour!!! Mangoes are amazing added to smoothies as they give this delicious thick consistency. They’re packed full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and if you’re struggling with energy or suffering with skin problems due to pregnancy, mango is your best friend as they’re awesome at promoting healthy skin.

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