The importance of keeping those fluids up during pregnancy

I know we always moan when the sun doesn’t shine and every year we’re promised that this will be the hottest summer on record.  We wait in excited anticipation, plan our holidays and camping trips in the UK in the hope that this year its going to be the HOT one and yet it never comes.

Well, it’s arrived – in bucket loads this summer and now I’m just a hot mess, I can’t sleep, I have chafing thighs and hair that quite literally has grown a mind of its own. AND I’M NOT EVEN PREGNANT!!!!

My pregnant ladies in the UK and Europe I salute you and I’m sending tons of cooling breezy thoughts. I hope you have fans in your bedrooms, ice on tap and someone to waft cold air on you constantly whilst feeding you grapes as you sit back and relax.

Okay, who are we kidding.  If that’s just not possible I do hope that above all else you’re keeping your fluids up  Although an added note – if any ladies do have someone who is  wafting cold air on them and feeding them grapes, don’t be selfish, sharing is caring remember.  Send them my way.

However, all joking aside, this heat can cause serious problems during pregnancy with the risk of dehydration being this biggest and scariest factor.

We’re made up of 90% water and drinking plenty of water for you and your unborn baby is essential.   Not only does it ease constipation and those pesky and painful haemorrhoids (oh the joys of pregnancy know no bounds) it also reduces the risk of urinary tract infections and gives your skins that magic glow, or magic sweat as the case may be.

Some symptoms of dehydration to look out for during this insane heat:

  • Reduced toilet stops with little or no pee
  • Headaches
  • Dry Mouth
  • Dark coloured urine (we want to see clear urine ladies)
  • Light-headed and dizziness

If you’re working in an office, I appreciate you don’t want to get up constantly to go to the kitchen and get yourself a drink.  Keep a 2 Litre bottle of water on your desk and sip throughout the day.  I know some people, me included really struggle to  drink plain water all day but thankfully there are other means of keeping up your fluids without guzzling water.

So, for maximum hydration try the following tips:

Staying Hydrated During Pregnancy

Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas, you can drink these hot or cold and if you like yours a little sweeter, add a slice of lemon.  Cooled peppermint tea is incredible.


Staying Hydrated During Pregnancy

Reduce your Caffeine

yes even more than you already have. Currently the guidance is to consume no more than 200 milligrams a day, which equates to roughly two cups of coffee.  Caffeine is a diuretic which causes you to go to the toilet more which in turn in this heat can cause you to become dehydrated.  So, leave the coffee alone, unless you really need a pick me up in the morning then one cup will be okay.

Staying Hydrated During Pregnancy

Ice Lollies

Try sucking on ice lollies throughout the day, you can always make your own just like we did as kids. Add sugar free cordial / squash to the lolly-pop moulds and stick in the freezer ready for the next day.

Staying Hydrated During Pregnancy

Fruit Infused Water

Still struggle with the water; just add cordial or use a fruit infusion bottle to add flavour to your drink throughout the day. Fill it up first thing in the morning and sip all day long.

Staying Hydrated During Pregnancy

Ease up on Exercise

In this extreme heat, ease up on the exercise. Gentle walks, yoga classes, or a refreshing swim are really going to help.  Just remember to hydrate as you go.  Exerting yourself in the heat is only going to lead to more fluid loss.

Staying Hydrated During Pregnancy

I carried a Watermelon ( if you know you know)

Melon; Melon Melon, the best way to fill up and hydrate at the same time. Watermelon (its in the name ladies) is incredible straight from the fridge.  Just don’t eat too much of the stuff.  Melon is a natural laxative, which is great for easing constipation but just don’t eat a whole one.

Stay safe ladies and remember to comment and pass on your tips for staying hydrated in the heat.

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